These days we see Augmented Reality(AR) games on the rise and setting a trend in the world of games. Well it is interesting, exciting and fun when you can get a mix of virtual and real world. Ingress is one of the most popular AR games out there. It has been developed by Niantic Labs. Yes that is the same developer who created Pokemon GO. Ingress is not just a game that has virtual and real elements but also promotes teamwork which we don’t usually find in AR games. The nature of teamwork requires you to really go out and meet others or communicate with people through the game’s chat box. Users have to be in contact with their teammates from the same faction from the same locality, city or worldwide.

The links for both Android and iOS versions have been given below. Users just have to click the link and install. On opening the app the tutorial will help you get through the basics.


  • Augmented Reality Game
  • Focus on multiplayer
  • Strategize with players globally
  • Hack portals and create fields
  • Heavy usage of GPS and physical exploration
  • Requires large amount of battery
  • Free game with in app purchases

The game is built on a fictional storyline. In the world there is a substance called exotic matter which is either used to enslave humanity or which helps in evolving humans into a higher consciousness. So when you play, you are an Agent and have the choice to join the faction called Resistance who believes in stopping The Shapers or the exotic matter from controlling humans. On the other hand you have the choice of joining the Enlightened whose aim is to use the power of the matter. From one account you can choose only one side. So if you have chosen the Resistance then you can’t join the Enlightened unless you use another Google account.


Through the game you have to find portals and collect keys to create a mind control field. To find these portals you have to visit the portals in person. When you find a portal and hack it, you get different items like resonators, weapons and several other items. Creating the fields requires you to connect portals by equipping them with resonators. After this is done, your faction controls the area covered by the field. Here comes the role of you and your GPS in locating them. Portals are usually in public places like museums, parks, historic landmarks etc. Portals can also get destroyed if you don’t recharge them. The game gives you missions through which you can level up. You can keep track of the number of portals visited, hacked, and captured, links and fields created and also the number of resonators deployed.

An important feature of Ingress is the requirement for users to go out and play. The game would not be of any use if you don’t explore since the whole game is based on that aspect. In this way it also promotes multiplayer usage or teamwork. You have to go out, socialize in person as well as through the app. There is a chat box called Comm for the purpose of communicating with your respective factions for coordination. There are 3 options- local, regional and global in Comm. Another aspect for which the game has been given positive review is in enabling people with sedentary lifestyles and those who hardly go out to have a reason for enjoying outside world.

The app is free and you can use it even without purchasing items. However in app purchase is available and they help you in levelling up. Another important aspect to be noted is that the game drains your battery life heavily because the app requires you to open you GPS, internet connection and the game itself at the same time. The game is fun and exciting but you have to be careful about your battery life.

Ingress has been said to be an addictive app especially for those who enjoy AR games. It is also unique in its multiplayer nature when the majority of AR gaming apps are individualistic in nature. So we would suggest this game to you if you like AR games or enjoy Pokemon GO.


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